Reder Family Mediation - Dispute resolution for separation, divorce and estate.

Family Mediation

separation, divorce, estate

neutral, third-party advice and facilitation

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business office setting We provide an opportunity to resolve disputes in a welcoming arena

Mediation is a voluntary method of resolving disagreements. It provides families with an opportunity to resolve disputes in a welcoming arena, conducive to reaching fair and reasonable resolutions. Mediation can save time, money, reduce conflict and preserve relationships.

Separation, divorce, estate

Disputes involving family members are sensitive in nature, and as a result do not fit well into our adversarial court system. Many issues which arise upon separation or death, can be best resolved by all parties coming to an agreement, rather than having a judge make a decision after an expensive and exhausting court litigation.

Meeting environment

The process

mediation process illustrationWhen you contact Reder Family Mediation by phone or email, we will give you an overview of how the process will work for your circumstance and discuss fees.

We will set up a consultation time, advising you on which documents and information to have ready.

Do I need a lawyer?

While a lawyer is not necessary to begin the mediation process, Patricia recommends her clients seek independent legal advice prior to signing an agreement and at any time during the mediation process.

Mobile Mediation

If you are unable to get to our office, we may be able to come to you if you are in Durham Region or the GTA. Contact to find out what is involved for mobile mediation.

Patricia Reder, MediatorWho we are

Mediators are professionally trained to act as neutral third-party facilitators. Their role is not to give legal advice nor take sides or make recommendations, but to help parties explore issue solutions.

Patricia Reder

Patricia Reder received a B.A. from Carleton University and holds the designation of Chartered Mediator (C.Med.) with the ADR Institute of Canada and ADR Institute of Canada and ADR Institute of Ontario, specializing in mediating divorce/separation. She has been mediating family disputes in the GTA since 1998.

Her specialty lies in helping separating and divorcing couples reach fair and reasonable resolutions pertaining to parenting plans, child and spousal support and division of property. In addition, Pat offers estate mediation.

How to reach us

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